Amazon now lets shoppers track the exact location of delivery drivers in a 'creepy, but convenient' map

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Amazon now lets shoppers track their delivery drivers on a map.

  • Amazon Map Tracking allows shoppers to track the location of delivery drivers in real time, Amazon told Business Insider.
  • The tool tells shoppers how many stops drivers have remaining on their routes before their package is delivered. 
  • Amazon quietly rolled out map tracking in November. It's now available for all packages delivered by Amazon in the US.
  • Many shoppers love the new tool, though some have called it "creepy."

Amazon now lets shoppers track the exact location of their delivery drivers on a map.

The new feature, called Amazon Map Tracking, provides live updates on drivers' delivery routes, including how many stops are left before their package arrives, Amazon told Business Insider.

Amazon launched the Map Tracking feature in November, and it's now available for all packages delivered by Amazon in the US, the company said. 

"The Amazon Map Tracking feature is another delivery innovation we are working on to improve convenience for our customers and provide them greater visibility into their deliveries," Amazon spokeswoman Alana Broadbent said.

Amazon sends a notification to customers when they can see their delivery drivers on the tracking map. Customers can also access the feature by visiting the "track package" feature on Amazon's website or app.

The driver's location will become available to customers when fewer than 10 stops remain on the courier's route to deliver their package. 

In posts on social media, many shoppers said they love the new tool.

"It's like waiting for an Uber/Lyft to arrive," one person wrote on Twitter. "We're living in the future and it's so amazing." 

"THIS IS AWESOME!" another person wrote. "Great job!!!! First world high-class service."

Others were less enthusiastic, calling it "scary" and "creepy, but convenient." One person said he was going "insane" watching a delivery driver circle his house for 30 minutes. Another person said she now stalks her Amazon delivery driver like a "crazy ex-girlfriend."

Amazon also recently started requiring delivery drivers to snap photos of packages upon delivery, and on Tuesday, the company announced it would start allowing couriers to deliver packages directly to shoppers' cars

Here's how shoppers are reacting to the map tracking service on social media:


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