Booked an appointment with a doctor on Practo? Uber will make sure you don’t miss it

Booked an appointment with a doctor on Practo? Uber will make sure you don’t miss itNow when you make an appointment on Practo, you will also be able to book an Uber to reach the doctor.

Yes, in a bid to provide enhanced healthcare services to customers without any delay and hassles, Uber and Practo have joined hands to deliver seamless services.

Whenever Practo will remind you of your appointment with a doctor, it will also show you the closest Uber available.

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Apart from India, this service is launched in Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

“We realized that transportation issues often bring additional stress to a doctor’s visit – having to drive through traffic, then hunt for parking – all while you or your loved one is sitting in the car feeling ill is a terrible experience. Our goal with this partnership is to completely remove this anxiety by integrating with Uber’s experience and bringing that to our consumers,” said Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo.


In addition, the driver’s app will be prefilled with the final destination’s address at the very beginning of the trip. The next phase of integration will involve notifying the user to request for an Uber, an hour prior to the appointment.

“The technology integration through this partnership reflects our common commitment to create seamless experience for all our users," said Amit Jain, President of Uber India.

First time users

New users who book their first appointment on the Practo app can use the promotion code - UBERPRACTOIN -to avail two free rides, up to Rs 200 per ride, with Uber.