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Costco sparked backlash after cutting one of customers' favorite items from the food court - and Sam's Club just responded by adding it to its own menu

News that Costco was cutting the Polish hot dog from its food-court menu sparked backlash earlier this week. Now, bulk retail rival Sam's Club is stepping up to the plate.

On Friday, Sam's Club announced it would be adding the Polish dog to the menu at all locations starting on July 23. The quarter-pound hot dogs will cost just 99 cents, and customers can visit the Sam's Club food court even if they aren't members of the bulk retailer.

"About 200 Sam's Club cafés already have the Polish dog on the menu, but this popular treat is being added to all locations so people everywhere can get their fix!" Sam's Club said in a statement to Business Insider.

People were furious when news broke that Costco was planning to cut the Polish dog to make room for new menu items, such as acai bowls and organic burgers.

"Polish dog off the menu? What are you thinking??" one person commented on Costco's Facebook page.
"Getting rid of the Polish Dog!!! Is nothing sacred anymore???" commented another.

"Please don't take this away," wrote a third person, recalling childhood memories of eating the Polish dog at Costco. "This means more to me than you could ever know."

Two petitions to save Costco's Polish dog, on and Care2, have earned more than 10,000 signatures in recent days.

However, while Costco has promised to continue to sell its normal hot dog, it has given no indication it will back down from its plan to pull the Polish dog.

"We try and keep our Food Court exciting by adding new items," the retailer responded to one Polish dog loyalist on Facebook. "Of course, we can't keep everything on the menu so we do have to make some adjustments."