Gene Munster Has Some Bad News About Apple's iPhone Business In The Next Three Months


We're about four months away from a new iPhone coming, which puts consumers who need a new phone in a tricky spot.


Here's my advice to people who have asked about buying a new iPhone: The only major change coming for the next iPhone is a bigger screen. So, go to a carrier's store and pick up the Moto X. Open the web browser. If you like the size of this screen, then hold out for the next iPhone. If you think it's too big, or you don't care, then I recommend getting an iPhone 5S right now. There are good deals to be had. If you look around, you can probably get one for free by trading in your current phone.

Anyway, with all the iPhone 6 rumors flying around, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster surveyed 1,016 consumers to check on their plans to buy a new iPhone in the next three months.

The results are not good for Apple:

munster table

Piper Jaffray


This is, to some extent, to be expected. These things come in waves. The iPhone comes out in October, and people want iPhones. Then Samsung's newest phone comes out in the Spring, swinging things back towards Android. Still, for the next four months, in the U.S. at least, it's not looking great for the iPhone.