GoPro is climbing ahead of earnings



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GoPro, whose camera is seen on a dog's back, is an example of an overhyped tech company.


GoPro releases its second-quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday and its stock is rallying ahead of the release; up 2.12% at about $8.19 apiece.

Wall Street is expecting a loss of $0.40 per share on revenue of $269.167 million, according to data from Bloomberg.

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2016 was the first year since 2011 that the company's revenue failed to increase and the first time that GoPro lost money.

Analysts are mostly bearish on the stock. An overwhelming 92.9% of analysts either rate the company as either a hold or a sell, per Bloomberg.


The company has a history of beating Wall Street's expectations. GoPro has beat earnings estimates in eight of the last 12 quarters, Bloomberg data shows.

GoPro has struggled this year with sahres down 6.28% while the tech-heavy Nasdaq is up 20.06%.

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