Here's the $825 vintage jacket Drake wore at WWDC - it was made just for Apple employees in the 1990s


drake apple jacket

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Drake gives Apple SVP Eddy Cue a high five.

Drake appeared on stage Monday at Apple's big developer conference, WWDC.

He was rocking a vintage Apple jacket that instantly caught the audience's attention. 


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Drake made a joke about the vintage employee jacket, saying that he bought it "using this tool called the internet."

Drake's jacket looks just like one that recently sold for $825 on eBay. According to the listing, "this rare Apple Computers jacket varsity/baseball style jacket was given to Apple employees, at the time of the 'rainbow' logo. The jacket is made of wool and high quality leather on the sleeves, pocket entry and collar." 

The rainbow logo was used by Apple from 1977-1998.

The lister says it was made "strictly for Apple employees."

Though this particular jacket has been sold, similar jackets are available for purchase on eBay, but they'll also cost you. One nearly identical wool jacket - with black leather sleeves instead of brown - is currently on sale for $499.99. The listing says it was purchased at the Apple employee store in Cupertino in 1997. 


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