These MBA students built a game – Bhag Corona where PM Modi shoots vaccines at coronavirus

A screenshot of the game
  • Two MBA students at XLRI - Akram Tariq Khan, and Anushree Warade - built the game Bhag Corona.
  • The simple browser game has now found popularity, but also has an educational message at the end of each game.
  • They have also used the now viral tune “Go corona, corona go” as the background music for their game.
Much before the lockdown, students from various institutions across India were asked to leave the hostels. On their way back home, Akram Tariq Khan and Anushree Warade, MBA students at XLRI, began to wonder – how can they help spread awareness about the deadly coronavirus?

And they came up with a unique answer. The duo built a game called Bhag Corona. A simple browser game, one has to help PM Modi shoot vaccines at the coronavirus. And if that wasn’t enough, they have also used the now viral tune “Go corona, corona go” as the background music.

Everytime the game ends, there is an educational message for the user.


And the results have been great. “The first day, around 3000 users played the game and it has grown exponentially since. The statistics for March 31 were the highest until now, with the number of users standing at 136,677 who played the game a total of 757,330 times,” Khan told Business Insider,

It didn’t take a long time for the Human Resource majors to actually build the game. As both of them were in separate cities due to the lockdown, they built the game over video chat.

Akram Tariq Khan, and Anushree Warade


“We began ideation on March 18 and then moved to design the layout, algorithms, experimenting with gameplay, so on and so forth. The game finally went live on March 26. So, it took us around 8 days cumulatively to build the game,” said Khan.

They do not plan to monetize the game by adding ads because they want it to serve the purpose of spreading awareness and educating people. However, they do have plans for it to reach more users.

“We have also received a call from ShareChat and are in talks with them exploring integration on their platform for increased reach and exposure,” said Khan.

After this is all over, they want to build more games in the future around social issues such as promoting gender equality, education, and against social evils such as casteism.

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