Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi warns against complacency in the fight against COVID-19

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi warns against complacency in the fight against COVID-19
India Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the nation on October 20PIB live webcast
  • ‘We can’t weaken the fight against COVID-19 even a little bit until the vaccine is ready,’ Modi said in his special address on Oct 20.
  • The government is preparing to ensure that the vaccine reaches every citizen as soon as it is ready, he added.
  • The rise in COVID-19 cases in countries like America is very concerning.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told citizens to continue to remain vigilant against the threat of COVID-19. Even a little bit of lapse could result in a second wave of the pandemic as seen in other countries around the world.

“In other countries around the world, COVID-19 was under control but strangely cases began to surge again unexpectedly. This is turning into a worrisome situation. The fatality rate in India is 83 out of every 10 lakh population in India, whereas it is more than 600 in countries like the US, Brazil, Spain, Britain,” he said during his address to the nation.

He added that many countries around the world are currently working on a vaccine for COVID-19, including some that are in the advanced stage of trials. India too is working on its own vaccine.

According to Modi, whenever one is ready — the government is already working on a plan to ensure that the vaccine can reach each and every citizen. However, until then, he advised that nobody should let down their guard.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” he warned.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of new coronavirus cases per day in India dipped below 50,000 for the first time in three months on October 19. However, 10 states accounted for 75% of the new cases. Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala combined accounted for more than 5,000.


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