Not resumes, your digital footprints on LinkedIn, Twitter will land you a job at startups

Not resumes, your digital footprints on LinkedIn, Twitter will land you a job at startupsIf you are taking a well-updated resume to a job interview at any startup, chances are there it will land up in a dustbin.

Resumes are a passé now as recruiters are more interested in how your profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook looks like.

Your digital footprints have become important as startups are looking for candidates with more engagement.

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For Delhi-based startup HelpChat, they encourage LinkedIn profiles more.


Vijay Sharma, CEO at, stated that around 30-40% startups ditched the resume culture.

"A lot of data is being left behind online by the user. They are not aware what they are leaving, but this data actually means a lot. These data points say a lot about candidates. Thus the recruiter knows a lot of details beforehand, which helps him to engage with the candidate better," Sharma told ET.

Startups also see who are you following on Twitter and how many have recommended you on LinkedIn.

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"Platforms like Stack Overflow, GitHub and Quora are also explored by the recruiters to gather as much knowledge available about the candidate. Doing this we get a first-hand impression about the candidate," Uttam Kumar Sanghi, who leads talent acquisition at Zenefits India, told ET.

They also scan through activities on Facebook and analyse what kind of person you are.

So next time you appear for an interview at any startup, make sure you have some solid following and profile on LinkedIn.

(Image: Indiatimes)