How many people can watch HBO Now at once on a single streaming account

How many people can watch HBO Now at once on a single streaming account
HBO Now is flexible compared to certain streaming competitors, but it isn't a free-for-all.Shutterstock
  • There is theoretically no limit to how many people can watch HBO Now at once, though there is a limit on the number of devices that can use the same account at once.
  • No more than three devices can stream movies and TV from one HBO Now account at once.
  • If people try to add a fourth stream on HBO Now, a message will notify you that too many people are watching.
  • While simultaneous streaming is limited to three devices, you can sign in to an HBO Now account from any number of devices.
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HBO Now is the premium cabler's standalone streaming platform that costs $14.99 per month, while HBO Go is the mobile wing of a standard HBO subscription.

When it comes to HBO Now accounts, the rules governing how many people can watch using a single account is sphynx-like. That's because HBO doesn't base streaming access on the number of people watching, but the number of devices or "screens" playing content at once.

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Here's how multiple people can watch HBO Now at once

Officially, the company says that account sharing must be limited to the members of a single household. However, they fail to define what constitutes a household.

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There is no multiple profile function on HBO Now as of yet, meaning there's no requirement that anyone watching has to share a last name or address. HBO Now also does not limit the number of devices onto which a single account can be logged in and loaded. And unlike TV provider XFinity's streaming service, you do not need to be on the same WiFi network as the original account holder to access entertainment. As a result, anyone with a WiFi connection and the same login can stream programs through one HBO Now account anywhere.

How many people can watch HBO Now at once on a single streaming account
Any number of devices may share an HBO Now account, though only three can use it at once.Steven John/Business Insider


This level of freedom doesn't mean HBO Now is a free-for-all. Instead of setting up restrictions on the above, HBO's streaming app caps the number of screens that can stream simultaneously, whether it's happening through a TV, tablet, or phone.

You can stream HBO Now on up to three devices at once. So, if your entire family watches on the living room TV, your neighbor on their phone, and your co-worker on a laptop in the office all at the same time, everyone can watch. But if your friend signs in from a coffee shop while all of you are streaming, they are out of luck. A message will appear notifying your friend that there are too many people streaming at once, and they'll be blocked from watching.

Despite the gray area around account sharing and the simultaneous streaming restrictions, the number of people who can watch HBO Now from one account is theoretically unlimited.

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