Mark Zuckerberg's semi-dormant Twitter account followed 1 person this entire year

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AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter account followed just 1 person last year.
  • That's according to Big Tech Alert, which tracks when big names in tech follow and unfollow people on Twitter.
  • The person followed by Zuckerberg is Cat Valdes, an Atlanta woman who self-describes as an "ex-influencer," "bulldog mom," "swiftie" and "mental health advocate."
  • Valdes, better known as "Catrific," has 192,400 followers on Twitter and 650,000 subscribers on YouTube.
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Mark Zuckerberg has little time for Twitter, it seems.

Although the Facebook CEO does have a Twitter account, it followed just 1 person throughout the whole of last year.
According to Big Tech Alert, a Twitter account set up to track when tech's big names follow and unfollow each other (as well as mere mortals), Zuckerberg's account @finkd followed an account with the handle @catrific.

This handle refers to an ex-influencer called Catrific (real name Cat Valdes), a former influencer from Atlanta, Florida. On her account, Catrific self-describes as a "bulldog mom," "swiftie" and "mental health advocate."

Catrific's Twitter account is relatively active, with her posts often referencing pop culture and psychology-related topics.

Her Twitter account has 192,400 followers. Her YouTube following is larger, with around 650,000 subscribers to her account. She has only posted one YouTube video in the past 10 months, which was called (perhaps unsurprisingly) life after YouTube.

Her videos are upbeat and eclectic. In one video, titled "Do I believe in marriage," Catrific says she will get married if she finds someone she wants to get married to, but not for its own sake.It's unclear if Zuckerberg knows or has met Catrific personally, though Zuckerberg has spoken about mental health-related issues in the past (at least in the context of Facebook).

In December 2017, Facebook admitted that social media can be bad for people's mental health.