The 10 things in advertising you need to know today

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Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom and a dog.

Good morning. Here's everything you need to know in the world of advertising today.

1. YouTube is stepping up its war on ad blockers by forcing some people to watch ads whether they like it or not. If it detects that someone using the Google Chrome web browser is using ad-blocking software, it removes the option to skip the pre-roll adverts that sometimes precede videos.

2. Here's why Instagram ads are worth more than Facebook ads. Perhaps the biggest factor driving up the average ad price on Instagram is the fact that users are more likely to click on them.

3. Under Armour is taking over the sportswear sector with a plan to become the "anti-Nike." The company partners with athletes that some might consider to be "underdogs."

4. Facebook is overhauling its Pages feature to make it more useful for businesses. It's adding new call-to-action buttons that will let businesses encourage potential customers.

5. Jet, the hot new ecommerce site that promises to undercut Amazon on prices, just released its first television ad. The company is calling itself the "biggest thing in shopping since... shopping."

6. We visited teen retail's hottest lingerie brand and saw why it's stealing customers from Victoria's Secret. Take a look inside Aerie.

7. Iconic Australian surfwear group Quiksilver is preparing to file for bankruptcy. The company has been looking for buyers, including a management buyout, without success.

8. Google is reportedly getting into the grocery delivery game. It will test a delivery service for fresh food and groceries in San Francisco and another U.S. city later this year.

9. Pepsi is facing a backlash for changing the formula of Diet Pepsi. Some customers are complaining that the new Diet Pepsi, which hit stores last week, tastes "terrible" and has a strange aftertaste.

10. Here's how easy it is to install an ad blocker on your iPhone. We signed up to test an early version of an ad blocker called "Freedom."

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