This free app lets you play incredible-looking PC games on any Mac computer

gaming PC setup


This PC setup is a far-off dream for me, a lowly MacBook user.

People like me who love playing video games but have Mac computers at home often have a case of PC envy.

Almost all the best games debut on PCs and only show up on Macs years later - if at all. With recent PC-exclusive games including "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" getting really popular and "Destiny 2" - the sequel to one of my favorite video games - launching later this month, things have gotten so bad I even considered buying a gaming PC for the very first time.

Fortunately, I found an even better and much cheaper solution, one that turned my 2013 MacBook Pro into a legitimate game machine - Nvidia's GeForce Now app. Advertisement

A free download in the US and Canada, GeForce Now lets you play on your Mac the kind of high-end games that typically require a Windows PC computer with a dedicated graphics processor. GeForce Now software is only in beta, but Nvidia is a trusted company when it comes to gaming, and the app works like a charm.

I found out about GeForce Now earlier this week from YouTuber Karl Conrad. After doing some quick research about people trying and failing to use their Macs as game machines, I discovered a random video from Conrad where he talks about the software.

Take a look at GeForce Now:

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