Check this out. This startup will allow you to pay your rent via credit card.

Check this out. This startup will allow you to pay your rent via
credit card.
Advertisement, a Fintech and Real Estate technology startup, has announced the launch of an innovative FinTech product RentPay, which allows cashless rental (Residential & Commercial) transactions between landlords and tenants via CREDIT CARDS. Yes, that’s right. A tenant living anywhere in India can now pay his rent via CREDIT CARDS through RentPay platform.

It’s a no-brainer due to the various advantages that one can gain by merely moving the rental payment from their mundane monthly savings bank transfer to a much efficient and rewarding Credit Card enabled transfer.

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Given the recent demonetisation policy, RentPay is an empowering solution to the hassles currently related to large cash transactions or mundane online transfers. This move will surely curtail the movement of undocumented cash to a phenomenal extent, as the $20 billion Indian residential rental market involves almost 90% transactions in cash.


The banks’ KYC policies will also ensure a stringent verification process for tenants, which will be further enhanced by RedGirraffe’s own unique, evolved algorithm that runs high-quality verification processes.

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Some of the banks and Credit Card companies in India that are going LIVE with RentPay platform are SBI-GE Cards, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. The company remains integrated with 40 of the largest banks operating in India.

Not just that, there is 45-60 days of FREE credit period on the platform.

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