Tim Cook just cashed in $28 million more in Apple stock


Tim Cook


Apple CEO Tim Cook is cashing in.

Cook collected about $28.7 million after selling 269,883 shares in Apple, according to a SEC filing on Wednesday. The shares are a fraction of the 1,260,000 shares that he unlocked last week because he reached tenure of five years as CEO of Apple.

Last week he sold $36 million of his stock - meaning that he has liquidated about $65 million in total over the past few days.


Cook still has about 3.5 million shares in Apple that are set to vest over the next five years and he still holds over 1 million shares in Apple worth about $110 million.

In the five years since Cook has been leading Apple, the company's revenue and profit has doubled. Cook has also been instrumental in navigating thorny policy issues, such as the company's fight with the FBI over encryption or the EU's recent decision to force Ireland to collect billions in taxes from Apple.

But some analysts wonder if the Cook is the right leader considering that sales are falling on an annual basis for the last two quarters and there's no new hit product category in sight.


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