Uber's leaked financials show the company is still growing - but it's also losing money

Dara Khosrowshahi


Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi.

  • Uber's third-quarter financials have leaked.
  • The company's revenue is growing, but it's still losing money.
  • Uber wants to go public by 2019.

Uber's third-quarter financials have leaked to The Wall Street Journal.

The financials show bookings, revenue, expenses, and losses have all grown versus the year-ago quarter as the company rejiggers its leadership and culture and prepares to go public in 2019.Advertisement

Here are the highlights from Uber's third-quarter financials:
  • Gross bookings: $9.705 billion vs. $8.741 billion a year ago. (Up 11%)
  • Net revenue: $2.013 billion vs. $1.658 a year ago. (Up 21%)
  • Net income: -$1.462 billion vs. -$1.064 billion a year ago.
  • Total assets (including cash, cash equivalents, investments, and more): $15.64 billion vs. $15.708 billion a year ago.

You can get a deep-dive into the financials over at The Wall Street Journal.