Watch a 93-year-old bridge withstand a powerful explosion meant to destroy it



When the city of Little Rock, Arkansas deemed a 93-year-old bridge "structurally deficient" due to its age, the city council ordered its demolition.

But when workers tried to destroy it, the bridge refused to die.

Earlier this week, a demolition team placed explosives along the 2,783-foot-long Broadway Bridge, which passes over the Arkansas river. The controlled explosions happened on cue, but when the smoke cleared, the bridge's steel arch and deck stood strong.

A video posted October 11 by Robert Cossio, a Little Rock resident who came to watch the blasts, shows the explosives going off - and failing to take down the bridge.


The bridge's destruction was meant to take about 30 seconds, but the demolition crew spent another five hours on it, eventually pulling the structure down using cables that they latched onto the frame, according to The Guardian.

The nearly century-old bridge obviously didn't want to go down without a fight.

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