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Dartmouth College Students Football

AP Photo/Bob Child

Dartmouth College takes on Yale University in a 2009 football game.

Snapchat wants in on college football this season.

The platform's next original show will be a behind-the-scenes show on college football with Barstool Sports, hosted by former college quarterback Caleb Pressley, Business Insider has learned.

To read more about the show "Barstool U," click here.

In other news:

There's one app millennials can't live without, and it's great news for Jeff Bezos. More than a third of those aged 18 to 34 say they can't go without Amazon, according to comScore's 2017 US Mobile App Report.

The same report tallies millennials' favorite apps - and it's bad news for Snapchat. Snapchat, despite being high on the cool quotient, features nowhere on the most essential apps for 18- to 34-year-olds.

Here are the 10 apps millennials say they can't live without. According to comScore's recent report, the list includes the likes of Instagram, YouTube, and Gmail.

Galore, the publishing company focused on 16- to 24-year-old women, has flipped media's business model. The company's pitch to prospective advertisers focuses on its social-media network, its ability to make content for brands, its relationship with influencers and its track record of producing events - not paid ads.

Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee was sentenced to five years in jail. The jail sentence comes after Lee was trialed for crimes including bribery and perjury.

Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods will officially close next Monday. The two companies plan to lower the price of a number of items starting next week, and it's said that Amazon Prime members will soon get further discounts and offers.

Speaking of Amazon buying Whole Foods - here's everything that will change for customers. Over time, Whole Foods will get cheaper in general.

Starbucks is closing its online store as a "seismic shift" hits the retail industry. The company will close its online store on October 1, a Starbucks representative confirmed to Business Insider.

Spotify has renewed a licensing deal with Warner Music Group. The music giant was the last big company Spotify had yet to seal a deal with before going public.

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