10 crucial changes you need to make to your resume when you're not entry-level anymore

10 crucial changes you need to make to your resume when you're not entry-level anymore
  • We asked experts from TopResume to make over the résumé of a professional with enough experience to no longer be considered entry-level.
  • The experts top-loaded the résumé, made it easier to read, and emphasized job experience over college experience.
  • You can use these tips to make over your own résumé.


Anaele Pelisson/Business Insider

It may not feel like it, but once you've got a few years of job experience under your belt, you're not an entry-level employee anymore - you're mid-level.

Your approach to finding a job will need to change accordingly.

No longer can you rely on what you did in college to impress potential employers - now it's up to you to convey what you've learned and accomplished in the working world.

With a diverse range of positions over the past five years, Lucy (not her real name) wanted to find a job supporting the administration in higher education, but her résumé, which read more like that of an entry-level worker, wasn't landing her interviews.


As part of Business Insider's résumé makeover series with TopResume, we thought we could help.

We asked Joe S., a résumé writer with TopResume, to rewrite Lucy's résumé and make it more appropriate for a mid-level employee looking to transition careers.

Joe focused on highlighting the hard and soft skills Lucy has acquired from her various positions. He also emphasized her experience in teaching to position her for entry into a role more focused on learning and development.

Amanda Augustine, the career advice expert for TopResume, explains some of the changes Joe made to Lucy's résumé to prepare her for the job search.

While your résumé may look different, these specific pointers should help you overhaul your own résumé: