10 terrifying predictions from 'Black Mirror' that could become reality


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Saying a TV show is "so good it's scary" is usually a figure of speech. With Netflix's hit sci-fi drama "Black Mirror," it takes on a far more literal (and terrifying) interpretation.

"This is futurism for futurists," says Dylan Hendricks, program director of the Ten-Year Forecast at the Institute for the Future, a research organization devoted to providing foresight about the world in the coming years.

Part of what makes "Black Mirror" so unsettling is that its episodes take place in worlds that could easily pass for our own, save for some leaps in technology.


Curious just how big those leaps might be, Business Insider spoke with Hendricks about which of the show's 13 episodes are closest to becoming reality.

Here are the 10 that may be closer than we think.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for "Black Mirror."