10 things you need to know today


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Windows 10 event


Windows 10 is finally out.

Morning folks! These are the 10 things you need to know this morning.


1. The link between terrorist group ISIS and Turkey is "undeniable." A senior Western official has released fresh evidence connecting the two.

2. Windows 10 has arrived. Microsoft's new operating system is available for download.

3. Wall Street interns get no relief. Apparently they're so busy they don't have time for toilet breaks.

4. Twitter's growth is stalling. The latest earnings report doesn't look great.


5. The age of genetically engineered animals has arrived. Soon you'll be able to design your own pet

6. Russian president Vladimir Putin will be the richest man in the world unil he loses power. At least, that's what a former Kremlin banker thinks.

7. Reddit just lost another senior employee. The new content policy is proving with staff and users alike.

8. Rat statues have appeared outside London banks. A protest group wants to make its point through art.

9. The UK economy finally appears to be back on track. Britain is back at the economic peak it last saw in 2008.


10. Motorola unveiled a £160 smartphone it claims can match the Nexus 6. The Moto G aims to offer performance traditionally seen on handsets three times its price.

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