9 Ways Google Is Changing The World


Sergey Brin Google Glass Portrait Illustration Cars on Golden Gate Bridge

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider

Last month, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella thumbed his nose at Google for its various "moonshot" projects, currently housed at Google's semi-secret X Labs.

When asked if Microsoft could learn a thing or two from X Labs, Nadella retorted that there's always something to learn from "from people who market themselves well."

He was right to some degree. Project X creates a lot of hype for Google even though most of those projects aren't quite ready for the public.


But you've still got to hand it to Google for being so ambitious about ventures others would label "implausible" to "impossible."

Google has already changed the world with its various software services and platforms like Gmail, Google Maps, Android, and of course Google search, but what Google is working on next is even more awe inspiring.