Apple CEO Tim Cook Gets Bailed Out By Apple PR Before He Slips Up And Says Something About Apple TV In An Interview

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Tim Cook unveils the Apple Watch.

Here's a funny moment at the end of Bloomberg Businessweek's interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Cook is talking about products that Apple has tried, then put on the shelf, which leads to a question about Apple TV. Apple's PR rep steps in to end the interview. We doubt Cook would have said anything, but it's still amusing to read:

...But, you know, the problem with smartwatches so far has been that people wear them for a bit and then put them on the shelf because they're not adding enough utility. So the Apple Watch might be the breakthrough?Advertisement

It's kind of the way we are, except we kill things through the development process when we decide, "You know, it's not doing it for me."

Like what?

Well, we've stopped some things, yes.

Before they see the light of day?

Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Because it just didn't keep turning us on every day. Or we concluded that we didn't own enough of the technology in it so that we could really get the user experience that we want. And- I'm guessing that television might fall into that category.Advertisement

Natalie Kerris, Apple public relations: And now I'm going to stop you.

He was thinking of a thoughtful answer.

Cook: I was thinking about a thoughtful evasion. [Laughs.]Advertisement

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