Discount sites like Amazon are popular among high-income earners - here's what this means for online retailers

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Consumers with high incomes are increasingly making their purchases online. And contrary to popular belief, discount sites like Amazon are very popular among wealthy households.

  • 83% of consumers who live in households earning $500,000 or more say "Amazon is better than other stores," according to a 2015 survey conducted by Shullman Research Center.

Wealthy consumers' preference for Amazon suggests that they place a high value on convenience - an area that Amazon is competing heavily in by offering services like one-hour delivery, online grocery ordering, and product refills. Moreover, the appeal of a good deal cuts across incomes.

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we look at the habits of online shoppers across all incomes and assess how this behavior is driving growth in e-commerce. We also break down the demographics of US online shoppers by age, gender, and education, and take a look at what they're shopping for, and how their behaviors differ. Advertisement

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Here are some other interesting facts about the latest e-commerce trends:

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