A New York Times reporter took a one-second video every day last year, and the results are fascinating


New York Times reporter Daniel Victor undertook an interesting experiment last year: He recorded a little bit of video every day, then used an app called 1 Second Everyday to stitch the videos together into a six-minute video.

It's a fascinating slice of life - a lot of the snippets were mundane scenes at work, barbecues, and drinks with friends, and playing video games. But there were also peak experiences like sporting events, concerts (including Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls, which happened to be the best show I saw last year), and a trip to South Africa. Watching it, I resolved to try to have more of those peak experiences this year. We'll see how that works out.

Victor writes that the experience didn't force him to go out and do more things, but it did change how he preserved memories: "I often found myself forgoing quick-hit posts to Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in favor of the delayed gratification of one big video, a year in the making."


Watch the video below. If you want to do the same in 2016, now's the time to download the app. It costs $2.99.