A robbery suspect tried to use an Uber as a getaway car


Uber app

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty

A man suspected of armed robbery tried using an Uber car as a getaway vehicle, according to ABC News.


23-year-old Dashawn Terrell Cochran allegedly "pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money" at a store in Parkville, Maryland, last week after bringing a bottle of Tylenol up to the register.

Cochran fled with "an undisclosed amount of cash" in a silver Lexus, according to ABC News.

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Officers tracking Cochran's whereabouts pulled over the car. The driver said he was an Uber driver.

It is not clear whether Cochran hailed the car from the Uber app on his phone, or if he just flagged down a passing car that happened to be an Uber vehicle.


Both the Uber driver and another passenger in the vehicle were released since "they had nothing to do with the robbery," according to Baltimore County police.

As of this weekend, Cochran was still being held in police custody. He was charged with assault and robbery.

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