A Surprising Study Reveals Fashionistas Like Boxing As Much As Shopping


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Did you grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks this week? Purchase some boots at Bloomingdale's? Or watch the big game on TV?

These actions make up your consumer identity, a profile that can shape how and what advertisers try sell to you.

Analytics companies like Neustar help advertisers understand vital behavior data and make that data relevant so they can reach customers more effectively. In doing so, Neustar has uncovered some surprising insights.

For example, they've found that Diet Coke drinkers tend to drive a Mercedes-Benz GL Class or a Lexus Gx 470, listen to the radio every day, and love eating at the Cheesecake Factory.

Sounds pretty random, right? But by knowing these specific details, advertisers can develop personalized campaigns for consumers.

During 2014 Adweek in New York City, Neustar asked Twitter users to identify themselves with hashtags. For example: #iheartnetflix for binge watchers, #iruninheels for fashionistas, #ineedanap for proud parents, and #madwomen for those who identified with Peggy from "Mad Men."

After compiling the tweets, Neustar found that those who identified themselves as fashionistas - using the #iruninheels hashtag - were avid recyclers who enjoy watching boxing and tune into the NBA Finals. Who knew?

Check out the infographic below to see what else Neustar learned about fashionistas during Adweek.

Ad Week Infographic


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