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Campaigns that changed the digital landscape in 2020
WATConsult's Manika Juneja shares a few campaigns that made 2020 the year of creativity
Campaigns that gave people facts, hope, courage and togetherness

Campaigns that changed the digital landscape in 2020

Campaigns that gave people facts, hope, courage and togetherness
  • Manika Juneja, VP Operations (West and South), WATConsult shares her favourite pick of digital campaigns from 2o20.
  • She writes how 2020 saw creativity succeeding amidst all the chaos, which is a true win for the advertising industry.
2020, quite a year for all of us! Less people on the streets, more on their phones & digital boomed because of the pandemic for all age groups. All these uncertainties didn’t shake our confidence & creativity. Here are some amazing campaigns that changed the Digital content landscape in 2020. Grab a bucket of popcorn if you’d like.

Nike - You Can’t Stop Us:

This piece of work gives me goosebumps every time I see it. What an amazing work, which encapsulates how one can make the most of a limited situation, like using archived footage to send a message of TOGETHERNESS! The video also showcases how different people are pushing forward in the pandemic & their spirit goes on. Simply genius!

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance – #CareWillOvercome - Hum Honge Kamyab:

The campaign beautifully conveys the global message of hope, solidarity and positivity by connecting people with a common language of Music which reflects the amalgamation of cultures from across the world. The musical video is a rendition of ‘We Shall Overcome’ in several languages of the world.

A true representation of borderless unity in the times of need to spread the message of togetherness which pays an ode to the frontline coronavirus warriors. Simple but so very impactful, the images of people from around the world bravely fighting the global crisis.

While this piece really touches a chord here’s one that tickles your funny bones because it’s so relatable!

Apple, The whole working-from-home thing:

What a riot this video is! A campaign that hilariously shows us our everyday woes of working from home, yet highlighting, how by the end of the day, we make it work. Navigating the new normal is definitely something that audiences have related to, making this a success.

Expedia, Let's Take a Trip:

“Imagine the places we’ll go. Together.” Said Expedia, and sure did it make us want to step out & enjoy the open the air with people we care about. This at home, stop motion video, is a treat for the eyes. Beautifully crafted & the message touches home.

Facebook, More Together:

The time where everyone was going after short format videos, Facebook’s Pooja Didi Milk Centre film broke the notions. The seven-minute-long film subtly drives the narrative & showcases the power of connections & people coming together to support each other.

Burger King, Moldy Whopper:

Ending on an ugly note, here’s how the beauty of real food was showcased by Burger King with the shocking Moldy Whopper! A campaign that so artistically highlights that there are #NoArtificialPreservatives In their food. This campaign is not only a creative genius but it also sends a very pertinent message to the F&B industry as a whole. While looks so simple in theory, it would have been a very difficult campaign to craft and the photography itself would be a daunting task. But the images are stark & definitely make the campaign stand out! Love it or hate, you just can’t ignore it.

All in all, 2020 saw creativity succeeding amidst all the chaos, which is a true win for the advertising industry, a medium of communication which gave people facts, hope, courage, togetherness and much more that helped them survive the year.

Look forward to a cheerful and hopeful 2021.