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Big Bazaar rides on the vaccine buzzword for its latest campaign
Big Bazaar launches a new campaign for its upcoming sale Wondrlab
Wondrlab conceptualised and executed the campaign for Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar rides on the vaccine buzzword for its latest campaign

Wondrlab conceptualised and executed the campaign for Big Bazaar
  • As India prepares for its vaccination drive, Big Bazaar has launched a new campaign titled 'Bachat paane ki vaccine.'
  • This year, Big Bazaar's sale is held between January 26 to January 31.
Big Bazaar has unveiled its biggest sale of the year, ‘Sabse Saste 6 Din’, its annual 6-day sale that promises consumers high discounts and great offers over a wide range of products. Consumers can look forward to maximum bang for their buck and savings on household items through Big Bazaar's sale.

To promote ‘Sabse Saste 6 Din’, Big Bazaar has rolled out a new integrated campaign highlighting the brand’s desire to give back to customers after a bad year. Titled ‘Bachat paane ki vaccine’, the campaign comprises three films, print ads and social media engagement. Platform-first company Wondrlab’s content platform has conceptualised and executed the Sabse Saste 6 Din campaign.

Speaking about the campaign, Pawan Sarda, Group CMO, Digital, Marketing & e-commerce - Future Group said, “#O2O Online to offline is a big initiative we have taken at #BigBazaar. It cannot get bigger than this during our most iconic Sale, Sabse Saste 6 Din #SS6D. Book your shopping online ( and redeem it in-store with bigger discounts. The last year has been tougher than ever for most people especially households with people facing salary cuts, with some losing jobs and businesses facing a hit by the lockdown. Something nobody was prepared for. Big Bazaar has gone an extra mile and is offering more savings if you pre-pay for the shopping.”

Each of the three films highlights one aspect of Big Bazaar’s offers across clothing, household items and groceries.

Amit Akali, Co-Founder and CCO, Wondrlab, said, “We are excited at having the opportunity to work on India’s biggest retail sale. Big Bazaar is one of India’s most iconic brands and ‘Sabse Saste Din’ is also a brand by itself. Consumers look forward to the sale each year, and more so in 2021, after the year they’ve had. It was important to cut through the clutter and do justice to a big annual property. More importantly, we wanted to be honest and call out the year that the consumer’s gone through, giving the sale as a solution. For instance, one lady speaks about how being locked in at home doesn’t stop kids from growing up, while you see her shopping for kids’ clothes. These are all real conversations that consumers are having and would relate to. The challenge of course was to have the conversation and land the sale in just 15 seconds. We’re pleased with the freshness and simplicity of the campaign, that brings marries the positive sentiment of the sale with that of the vaccine, seamlessly.”