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Newly launched short-form OTT content platform Biiggbang Amusement aims to reach a billion global users in the next 2-3 years
The latest entrant to the OTT space is Biiggbang Amusement
Biiggbang Amusement's Sudip Mukherjee on his thought behind launching the platform

Newly launched short-form OTT content platform Biiggbang Amusement aims to reach a billion global users in the next 2-3 years

Biiggbang Amusement's Sudip Mukherjee on his thought behind launching the platform
  • With the OTT space in India witnessing tremendous growth, we have seen more and more players enter the segment, to satiate our need for good content.
  • The latest entrant to the space is Biiggbang Amusement, a video streaming app, dedicated to short-form content.
  • We speak to Sudip Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, Biiggbang Amusement to understand his thought behind launching the platform and how he plans to market and grow in the highly competitive OTT space.
We might not exaggerate if we said that 2020 was a watershed year for the Indian over-the-top (OTT) industry. While Indians had been increasingly veering towards digital platforms for their daily dose of entertainment, 2020 gave a bigger push to people, to not just adopt OTT and experiment with different content platforms, but also to pay for the content they liked. Therefore, both the Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) and Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD) models saw good growth.

We were therefore not surprised when PwC’s Media and Entertainment Outlook 2020 report revealed that India had become the world’s fastest-growing OTT market. Growing at 28.6% CAGR, it is expected to become a $2.9 billion market by 2024.

The opportunities that the segment presents therefore are huge, especially for a market like India where more and more first-time users are adopting platforms every day. So, despite the OTT space having a few well-established players already, still presents a good opportunity to come and grow.

Understanding this appetite for good content in India, seasoned entrepreneur Sudip Mukherjee and Shrikant Agrawal have launched Biiggbang Amusement, a video streaming app, dedicated to short-form content. We recently caught up with Mukherjee to understand what led to the idea of launching a platform dedicated to short-form content, the expanse of their content offering and whether Indians have the appetite for another OTT platform?


Q) With so much clutter in the OTT space already, what was the thought behind another platform dedicated to short movies?

We had a different perspective while coming up with Biiggbang Amusement. While there is a great deal of clutter with a number of OTT giants being in the play, there is a huge overlap with the services being offered, with a similar model with offerings being almost the same. Owing to the pandemic, there has been an uptick in the consumption appetite of the audience around the world, more absorbent of newer formats and open to distinct content genres. This is what made us think that this is the best time to introduce something different, unprecedented, user-friendly and something that fills the gaps in the current scenario of the OTT space. This makes us stand ahead of the cluttered space as Biiggbang is in the process of creating its own.

Q) Do you think the audience has the appetite for using another platform for short videos?

Yes, absolutely. Just that, this isn’t just a platform for short videos but we are looking at a colossal content library with award-winning short films or mini-series that will tell unique and meaningful stories. The pandemic has also led the audience to have a voracious appetite of content, as it has given them greater time to spend in front of their screens and more time to entertain themselves, sitting at home. Most OTT platforms are looking to cater to this demand for content. The only gap being that while audiences have more time at home, they still have to divide it with work, chores and entertainment. This is the gap that we at Biiggbang Amusement are trying to fill as our audiences do not need to stay up all night or plan and suit their routine to fill in the space for entertainment. The content on the platform is available for them whenever and wherever viewers have time at their disposal and need their much-needed binge-breaks.

Q) What will your primary revenue stream be? Will the platform be AVOD or SVOD?

The platform is an AVOD model and the primary revenue stream will be advertisement and brand integration. We aim to create the largest subscription base with an initial subscription fee being of Re 1/- per month, where our audiences will be able to watch almost new content on a day-on-day basis.

Q) How are you going to market the platform and woo consumers?

Digital and social media marketing have become very important today. The pandemic has led the audience to turn to online platforms for everything, right from entertainment to education. As people are spending a great deal of their time in front of their screens, online platforms happen to have a great impact on consumer behavior and this is why the focus primarily is on digitally and socially-driven marketing promotions. After we successfully establish an online presence with a sizable follower base, we have plans for several tie ups, brand collaborations, ATL, and BTL activities. Our target audience is everyone, right from a 13-year-old teenager to a 40-year-old. Our content will be available in 18 distinct languages.

Q) What will your content library look like?

Our aim is to create the largest content library with an array of choices for audiences with genres that scale across categories like science fiction, thrillers, comedy, drama, romance, and assorted choices suitable for teenagers, kids and family viewing. We are also looking at award-winning international titles and organic content that will help the audience with a colossal tray of choices available across 18 languages. We want BBAP to host a deep and rich library of original titles. We also aim to release one new original film every day, throughout the year so that our audience will never run out a fresh and exciting show or film to binge on.

Q) Last year proved more and more people are opening up to spend on content that they really like. The lockdown gave a push to the industry in general. Is this why you thought of launching now or had the platform been in the making even before the pandemic hit?

We have observed the uptrend in the subscription and viewership in the OTT space, which was a noticeable transition in the world of entertainment. This definitely prodded us to choose this as the right time to come up with a concept like Biiggbang Amusement, an OTT space with a user-centric approach and a qualitative experience. This launch will be conducive in filling the existing gap in the digital entertainment space.

Q) What will differentiate you from all the other OTT platforms out there?

From the nature of the offering itself, BBAP is a league apart and there are a number of unique propositions that can be anticipated in the application. Our audiences can watch original movies and shows everyday without having to hamper their daily routine and work routine, investing much less time with high production value, performances from famed and talented actors, writers, and directors. This is the first time that a platform is coming up with a ‘Duration-wise Filter Intelligent Search’ backed by Artificial Intelligence, which will further help the users save time by aiding a time-sensitive filtered search to find the most entertaining movie or series in accordance to their convenience. The platform will build the largest content library worldwide across 10 Indian and 8 international languages. This will enable the users to have lots of options within the platform. Audiences can watch international award-winning short films, from critically acclaimed directors from prestigious film festivals across the world in the ‘Hall of Fame’ segment of the platform. Along with the above-mentioned features, the platform will allow its users to have a qualitative experience with easy navigation, and simple user interface

Q) What is your vision for the platform? Where do you want to see it in the next few years?

Our vision is to become the top name in our segment across the globe, by a hybrid between local homegrown content that is International quality while showcasing award-winning international titles for the Indian diaspora. We aim to establish the largest content library and subscription base telling riveting stories within 15-90 minutes. We want to be the leader of snackable content, worldwide. We have the target to reach a billion global users in the next two to three years along with the largest unique content library in the world.