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Horlicks Protein Plus ropes in Akshay Kumar as its new brand ambassador
Horlicks Protein Plus launches a TVC with brand ambassador Akshay KumarHorlicks
The brand has also launched a new TVC

Horlicks Protein Plus ropes in Akshay Kumar as its new brand ambassador

The brand has also launched a new TVC
  • Horlicks Protein Plus has onboarded Akshay Kumar as its brand face.
  • The new TVC featuring Akshay Kumar, highlights the issues of an urban Indian adult.
Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) has onboarded Akshay Kumar as the brand ambassador of its adult nutrition brand, Horlicks Protein Plus. Akshay Kumar, will represent the core values of the brand and encourage urban Indian adults to fight protein deficiency everyday by making ‘Protein ka routine’ (make protein a routine).

The brand has also launched a new TVC featuring Akshay Kumar, highlights the issues of an urban Indian adult, whose typical diet also proves to be insufficient in providing high quality protein or is heavily dependent on non-vegetarian options.

Commenting on the latest TVC, Sudhir Sitapati, Executive Director, Foods & Refreshment, HUL said, “ Indian diet sometimes may be insufficient to meet the RDAs of protein and what we need to create awareness for is, that for every 1 kg of healthy body weight, one requires 1 g of protein every day. Protein deficiency in adults can lead to impaired immune system, hair fall, accumulation of fat and so on. There is a need for us to move to the next frontier in the battle for an optimal protein intake and the relaunch of Horlicks Protein Plus, our adult nutrition brand, is a step towards the initiative. The relaunch campaign’s central theme reinforces how Horlicks Protein Plus, along with milk, can help to meet the protein requirements for adults thus providing nearly 30% of an individual’s daily protein need. Horlicks Protein Plus contains a blend of three good quality proteins (Whey, Soy and Casein) and is scientifically formulated high protein drink that delivers 34 g protein in 100 g of the product.”

Akshay Kumar said, “Fitness is not something that you achieve by just getting to the gym and putting in hours of workout. A wholesome life is a combination of rest, a healthy mental state and eating right with it. Sadly, most people don’t have the right information about the diet they consume! For example, protein is thought of as just a body building supplement and the multiple other benefits of it are widely unknown. Do you know that our body needs 1g protein per kg bodyweight? And because we don’t know this, we have a protein gap. Horlicks Protein Plus, made with Milk and Soy has a blend of 3 High Quality Proteins which along with milk gives you nearly 30% of your daily protein needs. Together, both Horlicks Protein Plus and I are committed towards making India healthier by encouraging Indians to build their ‘Protein ka Routine’! My wish is always to see India take the right steps.”

Surjo Dutt, National Creative Director, FCB, said: “When it comes to knowing what the body needs, especially after a certain age, we couldn’t find a better fit than Akshay Kumar for Horlicks Protein Plus. He not only sets a high benchmark of exemplary lifestyle choices; he also knows the nutrition needs that are important for a fit and active life. The interview format and his real playful self keeps the message engaging and authentic.”