Vicks' latest Touch of Care campaign is about keeping Dr. Bhosale's dream alive, who lost his life to COVID-19
Vicks has pledged to keep Dr. Bhosale’s #TouchOfCare story alive by contributing towards building a hospital in his memory
The campaign is conceptualised by Publicis Singapore

Vicks' latest Touch of Care campaign is about keeping Dr. Bhosale's dream alive, who lost his life to COVID-19

The campaign is conceptualised by Publicis Singapore
  • Vicks is back with #TouchOfCare campaign.
  • This time, it honours our Doctors’ Community through the moving Story of the late Dr. Bhosale.
Vicks has launched the third edition of its iconic #TouchOfCare campaign series, on the eve of National Doctors’ Day 2021. The past year has been challenging for many, and it is our Doctors who have carried us on their shoulders of hope, by selflessly caring for us, and our loved ones.

The third edition of #TouchOfCare, a tribute to the Doctors’ community across the nation, underscores the powerful impact of care through the real-life extraordinary story of the late Dr. Dnyaneshwar Bhosale. The film takes viewers on the inspiring journey of Dr. Bhosale’s selfless acts of care, as he left no stone unturned to ensure many less fortunate children received life-saving medical attention during the pandemic. Gone too soon, Dr. Bhosale left behind his wife, kids and his dreams of building his own pediatric hospital. The film is a solemn reminder that like Dr. Bhosale, hundreds of doctors lost their lives during the pandemic leaving their families and dreams behind.

In addition to sharing Dr. Bhosale’s inspiring story, Vicks has also pledged to support Mrs. Bhosale to help build a pediatric hospital in memory of her husband's extraordinary acts of care. Committed to making a meaningful difference and step up as a #ForceforGood, Vicks continues to support India’s fight against Covid-19 through P&G’s Suraksha initiative. Under this initiative, P&G recently contributed towards 1 million vaccination doses for 5 lakh citizens in partnership with state governments and local authorities.

Dr. Priyanka Dnyaneshwar Bhosale, Wife of the late Dr. Dnyaneshwar Bhosale shared, “It was difficult to see my husband take his last breath and my prayer then was that somehow he would receive the healing hand of care just like the one he selflessly extended to many children. I thank Vicks for bringing to light my husband’s extraordinary work and inspiring story and joining me to keep his dream of building a children’s hospital in Latur alive so his memory and touch of care live on forever.”

Himanshu Tewary, Senior Director and Category Head, Personal Healthcare at Procter & Gamble said, “Our doctors have given a new meaning to humanity during these challenging times, and their selflessness deserves lifelong gratitude. Vicks #TouchOfCare is a reminder of the extraordinary acts of care, courage and bravery of each one of our doctors, those with us, and those who we have lost. As a society, it’s time to rise together and give back to our doctors’ community for all they have done for us and our loved ones by preserving their #TouchOfCare for generations to come.”

The film’s Director, Anand Gandhi, “Dr. Dnyaneshwar Bhosale dreamed of building robust, empathetic systems of care and medicine. This film is a glimpse into the vision and commitment that he had for his community. It’s a call to togetherness, a reminder of the selflessness of all our healthcare workers during this time. I am grateful to the people at Vicks and Publicis Singapore for getting me on board to bring this story to life.”

Ajay Thrivikraman, CCO, Global Clients, Publicis Singapore commented, “Vicks Touch of Care has always been a platform to shine a spotlight on the most vulnerable communities in our society. Just over a year ago, one would hardly have expected our doctors to be among them, but this pandemic has changed everything. It has been an incredibly difficult time for doctors and their loved ones. It’s humbling to see that their care for others is more than a lifetime commitment; it is a legacy that will live on into the future.”

In 2017, #TouchOfCare 1 showed how through care, families are formed beyond biological ties, breaking stereotypes and highlighting how motherhood has no gender through the story of an orphan, Gayatri and her transgender mother Gauri Sawant. In 2018, #TouchOfCare 2 brought to light the story of Nisha, a girl born with Ichthyosis - a genetic skin condition who was abandoned by her biological parents at birth. Her life took a positive turn with the unconditional love and care extended by her adoptive parents.