Amazon saw Black Friday sales grow 35% in the UK


jeff bezos amazon

David McNew/Getty Images

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Amazon UK saw Black Friday sales grow 35% to 7.4 million items, according to the company and research firm Baird.

ITV consumer editor Chris Choi, quoting an Amazon press release, tweeted that, the UK arm of the company, had seen 7.4 million items ordered on Black Friday, which occurred on the 27th of November. This would make the day the busiest in Amazon UK's history, according to Choi.

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Amazon has extended Black Friday, adding on "Cyber Week" which sees discounts on technology and other items for a whole week.

The increase in volume is symbolic of a shift towards American culture in Europe where Black Friday (and then Cyber Monday) are traditionally not very big deals. Baird notes that the growth in 2015 is on the same level as 2014. 


Amazon has been increasing its UK offerings, bringing same-day delivery and a grocery delivery service earlier this year. 

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