Chart: These stocks will be the winners and losers from the rise of Uber and Airbnb


The rise of "sharing economy" companies like Uber and Airbnb will create plenty of winners and losers.

Some publicly-traded companies will see their businesses severely damaged by the new class of competitors, while others may be able to take advantage of the sharing economy trend.

In a new, 128-page report on the sharing economy's impact, UBS analysts laid out which stocks will be either positively or negatively impacted.

Analysts at UBS predict that the sharing transportation market will grow to ~$350 billion in gross booking by 2020 and the shared accommodation market will be at $139 billion that year.

In the winning "buy" category will be companies like tire manufacturers or service providers like Google and Amazon that have diversified their businesses. Companies that will face negative headwinds will be some travel websites and hotel groups that could see an increasing impact.

sharing economy winners and losers


UBS lays out which stocks will be positively and negatively impacted by the sharing economy, and whether analysts are already starting to "price in" the theme when it comes to their ratings.

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