Elon Musk drew a picture of a farting unicorn to show off a new hidden feature in Teslas


Have you ever seen a picture of a farting unicorn? Have you ever seen a picture of a farting unicorn, drawn by Elon Musk? Behold:

On Wednesday night, the Tesla and SpaceX cofounder took to Twitter to share an unusual image: A flatulent mythical beast, surrounded by smiley faces, a rainbow, and a car appearing to vacuum up the unicorn's gaseous emissions.


It wasn't just a stroke of inspiration that Musk felt compelled to share with the world.

Instead, the famous entrepreneur used the image to show off a new hidden feature in Tesla's cars: Sketch pad.

The feature is exactly what the name suggests - a sketchpad app that lives on the electric cars' touchscreens. It comes with the latest software update, V8.1, and it's accessed by pressing the "T" three times, Musk said.


Musk didn't come up with the farting unicorn himself, however. It's borrowed from a mug he owns and shared photos of in February. (It sells online for $28.)

It is, he says, "maybe my favorite mug ever."

The rear of the mug reads: "Electric cars are good for the environment because electricity comes from magic!" The magic of unicorn farts, apparently.


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