Elon Musk has reportedly poached writers from The Onion to work on a secret comedy project

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Aaron Bernstein / Reuters

  • Elon Musk is poaching staff writers from The Onion for a secret comedy project, according to The Daily Beast.
  • The Tesla founder issued a cryptic statement to The Daily Beast describing "comedy as the next frontier."
  • An anonymous source told The Daily Beast that Musk had considered buying The Onion in 2014.

Elon Musk is reportedly working on a ultra-secretive project of esoteric origins. According to The Daily Beast's Max Tani, the Tesla co-founder has been quietly poaching former writers from satirical news website The Onion to embark on a newfound venture, which has been cryptically identified only as "a brand-new comedy project."Advertisement

Disappointingly, an unnamed source told The Daily Beast that Musk will not oversee the editorial undertakings of the foray. Instead, Musk's involvement will more likely be strictly relegated to fiduciary interests.

In a bold and insightful statement issued to The Daily Beast, Musk said, "It's pretty obvious that comedy is the next frontier after electric vehicles, space exploration, and brain-computer interface. Don't know how anyone's not seeing this."

This might not be the first time Musk has considered The Onion and its staff as a potential asset. The Daily Beast reports that Musk considered buying the site in 2014, but potentially lost interest early on before a deal materialized.

Read the full story over at The Daily Beast.

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