EXCLUSIVE: Snapchat Users Are Sending 400 Million 'Snaps' Daily, Edging Past Facebook's Photo-Upload Volume


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On a daily basis, Snapchat users are now sending more "snaps," Snapchat's term for photos and videos shared over the network, than Facebook users are uploading photos.

Snapchat users now send 400 million snaps daily, according to a source at Snapchat. To put this number in perspective, our sources at Facebook are still reporting that 350 million photos are uploaded daily worldwide on the network, and that Instagram users are uploading 55 million photos daily.

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Note that Snapchat's 400 million number is for photo and video messages (and presumably counts all snaps of the same photo sent to multiple friends). But it's likely Snapchat beats Facebook on photo volume alone, too. Video wasn't introduced to Snapchat until December 2012, and the uploading and transmission of photo messages that disappear remains Snapchat's main function. Not to mention, Snapchat has a much smaller user base than Facebook. So as Snapchat grows larger, its heavy activity will probably cause it to shoot way ahead of Facebook on photo volume.

In September, Snapchat reported that its users were uploading 350 million snaps daily. In June, that number was 200 million.


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