Google will now focus on bringing in entry level job opportunities for India

Google will now focus on bringing in entry level job opportunities for India

  • Google announced a new Google Pay feature, Jobs, to help users find entry level jobs in the country during its annual event, Google for India 2019.
  • The Jobs spot on Google Pay will find job opportunities based on user profiles and also supplement training modules to help prepare for interviews.
  • The service will initially roll out in Delhi NCR followed by the rest of the country in the coming months.
Google’s annual event, Google for India 2019, had a lot of announcements around Google Pay. Most of them had to do with facilitating online digital payments but one — Jobs.

Some of the other highlights were the launch of Google Pay for Business, Google Spot to help small businesses set up store fronts online, and even the tokenisation of transactions to make payments more secure.

Jobs will be available as a spot on Google Pay.
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Google already introduced Job Search as a part of Google Search last year. Job Search collates posting for several partners and thousands of organisations to Google’s API. But, they are largely white collar jobs.

"Entry level jobs in industries like retail, hospitality, and on-demand is very different and largely unmet," stated Caesar Sengupta, Google’s General Manager and Vice President of Payments and Next Billion Users during Google for India 2019.

Aiming at entry level jobs

Unemployment is a persistent problem in India.

"Right now, a lot of hiring in these sectors is via offline channels like personal referrals, walk in centers, paper applications and so forth. This makes the process super disorganised," said Sengupta.

"Many young seekers are unsure how to enter the workforce — from building a CV to finding an appropriate job and gaining the relevant skills they need," Sengupta added.

The Jobs spot will use AI and machine learning (ML) to customise the kind of job options that show up for users, depending on their skill set and requirements. Over time, the results will get even more personalised.

It will also supplement job opportunities with training modules that can help users prepare for their interview.

Google currently has 25 early partners and will initially launch in Delhi-NCR before expanding to the rest of the country.

The company has already been working on skilling India’s workforce. Google Digital Unlocked programme for small business owners has reached out to 400,000 people, according to the company.

Google also claims to have invested in training two million developers in the country and sponsored over 100,000 scholarships across multiple technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality.

"Skilling is one part of the job solution. Connecting people to job opportunities is another," explained Sengupta.

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