Google Will Pay You $7.50 For Referring Google Apps To Businesses

Google Will Pay You
$7.50 For Referring Google Apps To Businesses

Mobile apps ecosystem has grown in the past couple of years to become lucrative business for app developers and platform owners. Such has been the craze for applications these days, that you have educational courses based on coding and app development especially for Android. People centered around the business have made a lot of money but now Google is giving everyone the chance to make their own money.

“The referral program makes it easy to share Google Apps with your network and show them how they too can use these tools at work. You’ll earn $7.50 for each new Google Apps user you refer”, as mentioned by Google on the referral page.

Join-Share-Earn is the modus operandi within which the referral program works and here’s how you stand a chance to make money by referring apps to one or more users.
- Register with your email ID, add bank a/c details (where money goes directly).
- Once you’ve registered, Google will send you a referral link to be shared.
- More the people signing up for the app, more money you get to earn.

- The money gets transferred to your bank a/c you shared and there’s even coupons too.

Referral program is another interesting initiative from Google and India is one of the 120 countries wherein the service has been made available. Want to make extra buck? Google referral program may be the best (and legitimate) way of earning quick money without putting much effort.