Google's head of design just landed a sick burn on Windows 10

Matias Duarte, Google's VP of Design, is not impressed with Microsoft's new Windows 10, judging from a pair of sick burns on his Twitter earlier on Monday:

Duarte himself is a designer with a fine pedigree in building operating systems: In a past life, he worked on ahead-of-its-time projects like the Danger Hiptop (later the T-Mobile Sidekick) and Palm's WebOS (later sold to HP before it was abandoned entirely).

More recently, Duarte has been heavily involved in the design direction of Google's Android mobile operating system, since version 3.0, more commonly known as "Honeycomb."

Google has redoubled its own design focus lately. Last year, Google introduced "Material Design," a new design language invented to make Android and Google's web apps both prettier and more consistent across devices.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 was designed to combine the elements of Windows 7 and Windows 8, refining the interface rather than reinvent the wheel. Apparently, Duarte didn't feel it went far enough.


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