Here's Facebook's New Way Of Letting You Block Annoying Stuff That Appears In Your Newsfeed


Mark Zuckerberg

Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Facebook's Newsfeed is about to change.


Yesterday, the company revealed they would be rolling out a "Unfollow" feature which was first reported by TechCrunch.

This is in conjunction with the other update that launched that allows users to arrange the type of content that appears on their page.

This tool would enable users to remove any obnoxious content from their newsfeeds. This can range from news stories to pesky ads.

Ultimately, the goal is to have a newsfeed engineered towards your specific needs. The Unfollow feature wants to create a page of content that you'd actually care about.


However, Mashable writes that this Unfollow button will operate the same way as the current "Hide All" feature that you can use if you no longer want to see posts from a certain person or brand page in your feed.

This section of Facebook allows you to block content from a person without de-friending them. The feature will roll out to all users in a few weeks.