How to use 2 WhatsApp in dual sim phone

How to use 2 WhatsApp in dual sim phone
When you have a dual-SIM phone, you will be able to use different SIM cards for making calls on separate numbers and also send texts using different numbers. Most WhatsApp users think that it is not possible to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone. This is not true. It is verily possible to have two copies of WhatsApp on one phone when the phone you have is a dual-SIM phone. In fact, some phone manufacturers offer this as an inbuilt feature. In some phones, you will have to resort to a third party app. Especially when you have an Android phone, it is very easy to run two parallel accounts of WhatsApp on a single phone.

What is the essential condition?

To run two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone, you will need to have a dual-SIM phone. This is because, WhatsApp uses the phone number to as your identity and it detects your identity via a call or SMS. When you have a dual-SIM phone and would like to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, you must first check the settings since it is possible that the phone maker would have already created settings on dual WhatsApp. Many Chinese phone makers let you create clones of apps that you can use under a dual-SIM environment.

Oppo, Xiaomi and Honor phones

If you own any one of these phones, you can start by installing WhatsApp on your phone via Google Play. Once you have done it, you can clone the app by going to the phone’s settings. Follow these steps:

Install WhatsApp and then go to Settings.

Tap on Dual Apps. This option is also called App Twin on Honor phone and Clone App on Oppo phone.

You will find a list of apps that can work in this way. Those apps that can be cloned will have toggles on the sides. Turn on the toggles and then clone any app you want to.

How to set up the second WhatsApp account

Setting up the second WhatsApp account is very simple as you set up the first one. Here are the detailed steps to do so.

Start the second WhatsApp.

When you see the next page, tap on ‘Agree and continue’.

Next, you will have to grant file and contact access to the second copy of WhatsApp. Do this by tapping on ‘Continue’. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The crucial part now is to verify your phone number. You must do this carefully and you need to verify the second SIM phone number. By mistake if you type in your primary number, it means you are just shifting the WhatsApp access from the first account to the second account on the same number and nothing more. So, do this step carefully.

After typing your Second SIM number, tap on Next and then confirm the number by tapping on OK.

You will receive a verification code from WhatsApp to check this number. If you had granted permissions already, the app will auto read the verification number. If this does not happen, type in the verification number and it is all done.

Now you will be able to send and receive messages on both of your WhatsApp accounts on your single phone.