How to make Dalgona coffee and why everyone can’t stop talking about it

  • A South Korean blend – the Dalgona coffee is now a part of everyone’s Instagram stories.
  • The latest trend during quarantine, Dalgona coffee’s original recipe video on Youtube has almost 4 million views.
  • Here’s the recipe for the perfect Dalgona coffee.
The latest viral trend to take over social media is Dalgona coffee. From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, people are sharing pictures of this delicious looking coffee and have made it the latest hot trend to try out.

Stuck at home, due to the lockdown because of the coronavirus spread, people are whipping out the latest recipes from their closet and posting them on instagram.

A South Korean blend – the Dalgona coffee is now on everyone’s Insta stories, friends are sharing the recipe on WhatsApp, and if you too have been wondering what’s the hype all about, let us tell you – it’s delicious!


There’s now even a Dalgona Coffee Challenge that’s trending on TikTok and Instagram. The original recipe shared on YouTube is now about to hit 4 million views.

And it’s very easy to make – in less than 10 minutes!

Here’s what you need

- 2 tbsp of coffee powder
- 2 tbsp of sugar
- 2 tbsp of water
- 1/2 cup of milk


How to make Dalgona coffee

  • Mix sugar, coffee and warm water in a bowl.
  • Use a whisker or be prepared to whisk your way through this coffee. Keep whisking the coffee for at least 15 minutes until it has a very creamy texture.
  • In a glass, pour cold milk with ice and then add the frothy coffee mixture on top of the milk!
That’s it! Your delicious Dalgona coffee, perfect for the summers, is ready.

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