Inside Airbnb's playbook for taking over every city

Airbnb Brian Chesky

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hot off a victory in San Francisco's elections, home-sharing startup Airbnb isn't taking a break.

San Francisco residents voted Tuesday not to pass Prop F, a ballot initiative that would put a cap on how much homeowners could rent their homes.
During an election debrief turned victory speech, Airbnb's head of global policy, Chris Lehane, issued a thinly veiled threat to other cities.

In sum, Airbnb says it has figured out how to mobilize its home-sharing network, and its membership numbers are almost totaling the NRA. Now that it successfully rallied its San Francisco user group, it's going to do the same in 100 cities across the US in the form of "clubs."

Here's the playbook of how Airbnb beat the San Francisco ballot initiative, and how it plans to make sure that never happens again: