Leaked video shows Theranos employees playing the video game they created where you shoot at the reporter who exposed the startup's problems

Elizabeth Holmes


Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes.

  • Theranos was once valued at $9 billion and backed by big names like venture capitalist Tim Draper, but the startup may be liquidated as soon as this summer, according to an investor email.
  • Some people inside the company blame John Carreyrou, the Wall Street Journal reporter who revealed that the company was misleading people about its technology.
  • So some employees made a "Space Invaders"-style game in which players shoot little Carreyrou heads.
  • Someone sent us video of Theranos employees playing the game inside the company's manufacturing facility. 

Theranos, the once high-flying startup that promised to revolutionize blood tests, is on its death bed and will cease to exist this summer unless it can raise more money.

But executives like CEO Elizabeth Holmes don't blame the technology or the company management for the $9 billion startup's fall - instead, they blame John Carreyrou, the Wall Street Journal reporter who first revealed that the company was misleading people about its blood test technology.

Theranos employees even made a "Space Invaders"-style video game where you shoot him.

After writing about the existence of the game, someone sent us a video of employees playing it, which you can watch below:

"Wow, I got big screen treatment!" Carreyrou said over email. Theranos did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

This video was taken a while ago, and takes place in Theranos' manufacturing building, according to the person who sent it to Business Insider, who wished to remain anonymous.

This video confirms Carreyrou's tweets from last week about the video game, in which a screenshot revealed the game was titled "Haters' gonna Hate v1.5." According to the video, people played the game a lot - just look at the high score. 

Here's the backstory on Theranos: It was once worth $9 billion and was backed by big names like former Secretary of State George Shultz. Holmes, its CEO, appeared on panels with important people like former President Bill Clinton and Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma.

Theranos promised to revolutionize blood testing by allowing people to get blood tests that required only a drop of blood from places like Walgreens. There was just one problem: its technology didn't work. 

Carreyrou wrote a series of revealing stories about the startup starting in 2015, which caused it to have trouble raising money, making him a key enemy of Theranos. The company enlisted legendary lawyer David Boies, who reportedly tried to intimate and threaten The Wall Street Journal with legal action. The company even chanted "f--- you, Carreyrou" at an all-hands meeting.

"There are many more eye-opening anecdotes and revelations in my book, 'Bad Blood,' which comes out next month," Carreyrou said.