Microsoft's PC partners are rallying for an ad blitz against Apple


mac versus pc commercial


One of Apple's famous "Get A Mac" ads.

Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, HP, and Dell are uniting for a new, joint advertising effort to promote Windows 10 devices, Re/code reports - the first big cross-vendor push of its kind.


The advertising campaign, which will involve TV commercials, print ads, and online ads, will ask a simple question: "PC Does What?"

It sounds a lot like the PC industry's belated answer to Apple's famous "Get a Mac" ads than ran from 2006 to 2009. In those ads, John Hodgman and Justin Long played a stodgy PC and a young, hip Mac, respectively.

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These "PC Does What?" ads will focus on the versatility and flexibility of modern PCs.

The bulk of the money for the marketing blitz is coming from Microsoft and Intel, which are the highest-margin companies in the group, Recode said. While both companies have worked with PC makers on advertising directly before, this is the first time the funding will go towards a concerted, group effort.


It's also worth noting that this campaign has come together over the last few months, predating Microsoft's announcement of the Surface Book laptop - an announcement that's made waves in the PC manufacturer world as concerns grow that Microsoft's new laptop is going to steal away their business.

Perhaps this is Microsoft's way of placating its PC manufacturer partners.

Microsoft and its partners are expected to officially unveil the "PC Does What?" campaign in a webcast event tomorrow.