Netflix is testing a 'Show Me That Scene Again' pop-up that some people find annoying. Here's how to turn it off

  • Netflix has been testing a "Show Me That Scene Again" feature, an on-screen prompt that allows users to go back to the beginning of a particular scene.
  • Reaction on social media so far has been fairly negative, with some saying it disrupts the viewing experience.
  • A Netflix spokesperson said the streaming company is "just looking to learn" from the test and may roll  it out more broadly in the future. 

Netflix has been testing out a rewind-type feature where a prompt pops up in the lefthand corner of the screen to "Show Me That Scene Again" - usually after the conclusion of an epic fight scene or a particularly emotional moment.

This feature is similar to the "Skip Intro" pop-up button for TV title sequences, which Netflix rolled out in May 2018. Advertisement

Meira Gebel/Netflix

The 'Show Me That Scene Again' after a fight scene in "Avengers: Infinity War"

But the jury's still out whether most people are a fan of the new feature. As early as Dec. 11, Netflix users have expressed concern about the test, with some turning to social media to voice just how vehemently unhappy they are about it. So far, it seems, the test has only been partially rolled out in the US. 

Currently, it seems as though the feature is only showing up on TVs. We tried to replicate the pop-up seen near the 25 minute mark during "Avengers: Infinity War" on computer and mobile without any luck, while it consistently showed up when watched on a TV.

According to Los Angeles Times, the feature is only accessible on Netflix's "original and licensed content." This means the "Show Me That Scene Again" button could start popping up during shows like "Stranger Things" and movies like "Bird Box" - something some users who already experienced the feature have found to be disruptive to the viewing experience. 

The pop-up has been seen on "Mowgli", "Dumplin'" and even "Shrek".What makes a movie, TV show or scene eligible for the feature is not known and was not specified when Business Insider reached out to Netflix for comment. Advertisement

How long this test feature will last is also unclear, as is whether or not the streaming service will provide it to all of its 137 million users

A Netflix spokesperson told Business Insider that Netflix is "just looking to learn from it and may or may not roll it out more broadly in the future." 

If you hate when the "Show Me That Scene Again" pops up on your screen, or you just want to preemptively stop it, here's how in just two simple steps:Advertisement