New subscription services are bolstering online sales of drugstore items

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At $300 billion a year in sales, health and personal care is the second-largest retail category in the US behind groceries. However, like the grocery industry, e-commerce has yet to really disrupt the American drug store.
But more consumers are beginning to shop online for products that they'd typically go to a drug store to purchase. About 36 million US consumers shopped online for health and beauty products in the spring of 2014, up from 20 million consumers in spring 2010.
In a new in-depth report, BI Intelligence looks at why the health and personal care business has proved so challenging to e-commerce companies - from consumer reluctance to complicated and expensive logistics - and what new strategies e-commerce startups and big-name retailers and brands are pursuing to push more health and personal care sales online, including the increasing prevalence of recurring subscription services for these products.

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Here are some of the key findings explored in the report:

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