One of the world's most famous video game developers just gave a disastrous interview

Peter Molyneux

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Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux is the British game developer behind some of the world's most loved games: Fable, Dungeon Keeper and Theme Park, to name just a few.

But things aren't going well for Molyneux right now. His company, 22Cans, is in the middle of developing an ambitious new game, Godus, and it's taking a really long time.

Molyneux has been criticised for promising a lot in Godus. An 18-year-old Scottish teenager won a competition, and Molyneux said that he could become the "God of Gods" in the virtual world and receive a share of the game's revenue. But so far, the competition winner has received nothing.
Video game news site Rock Paper Shotgun has published a lengthy interview with Peter Molyneux, which comes right in the middle of this difficult time. It's fair to say that it didn't go well.

This is how the interview started:

RPS: Do you think that you're a pathological liar?

Peter Molyneux: That's a very…

Elsewhere in the interview, Rock Paper Shotgun challenged Molyneux on the amount of money he took on Kickstarter to fund his game:RPS: It's three years later! People gave you half a million pounds and you've taken their money-

Peter Molyneux: One is, John, you're becoming very emotional, I think firstly you need to take a breath, because if I had walked away from Godus I'd agree with your points, but I haven't walked away from Godus. We are committed to Godus, we are recruiting people to go on to Godus, I have never moved that percentage beyond 52% where it is now.

Molyneux also seems confused over how long his staff have been working with him:

RPS: No, but you just told me that he started working for you before the alpha came out so that wasn't possible.

Peter Molyneux: I think he had had a temporary- He certainly came to the studio- Let me ask. [shouting in background] Konrad!

[in distance] Konrad: Yeah?

Peter Molyneux: When did you first come to 22cans?
Konrad: [inaudible]

Peter Molyneux: December. 2013. Is that- No, that's not before the alpha.

RPS: No, long after.

Peter Molyneux: I was wrong. But it's not a lie.

Things got pretty awkward:Peter Molyneux: Well no, and and- Yeah, OK, you can carry on quoting me. Obviously I can see your headline now-

RPS: I don't think you can see my headline now.

Peter Molyneux: Well I think I can.

RPS: What I want to get out of this-

Peter Molyneux: What you're almost going to get out of this is driving me out of the industry.

RPS: No, what I want-

Peter Molyneux: And well done John, well done! And if that's what you want, you're going about it completely the right way.
Molyneux told Rock Paper Shotgun that he has no social life, but the publication saw him tweet about staying in a nice hotel. He said he was there for a conference, and made a bizarre offer:

I'll tell you what, this is what we'll do John, I'll put you on Find A Friend, on Apple, and you can see exactly where I am every moment of my day.

You can read the full, disastrous interview with Peter Molyneux here.

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