Pebble made an exact replica of the gold Apple Watch


A week ago, Pebble began fundraising for its latest smartwatch with a color screen through Kickstarter - since then, it's raised more than $12.1 million from over 54,000 backers.


But Pebble isn't done. On Tuesday it introduced another watch: The Pebble Time Steel, which happens to look exactly like the gold Apple Watch that's going on sale in April.

Here's the Pebble Steel:



In case you couldn't tell, this is the Pebble Time Steel.

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And here's the Apple Watch:

apple watch edition gold


Apple has often advertised its 18-karat gold watch, the Apple Watch Edition, with a red leather wristband. In Pebble's marketing materials, it also showcases the Pebble Time Steel with a gold frame and a similar red wristband.


Pebble says the Pebble Time Steel has all the same features as Pebble Time, just dressed up: It still puts all your phone notifications on your wrist, and it lets you control aspects of your phone there, too, like your music and calls. The Pebble Watch Steel will come with a stainless steel casing, premium leather stainless steel strap, and up to 10 days of battery life.

If you've already backed Pebble Time, you can upgrade to Time Steel by visiting Kickstarter, clicking on the blue "Manage" button that's next to your pledge amount, and opting for the new reward tier.

For new backers, you can get a Pebble Time Steel in your choice of color for $250, which will be about $50 cheaper than the eventual retail price. Pebble says Time Steel will ship in July.

Learn more about the Pebble Time Steel over on Kickstarter.

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